18. 5. 2022

Fancy garden

                                    Moje LO

                                    Photo Gulya Mark

Fancy garden by reginafalango


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  1. Odpovědi
    1. Just a reply to you from your question you left with the Koda & Vanna story ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Some men think of their partner being the "boss". Some infact like to be told what to do..or the idea of..well, it's HER fault how this turned out. Still, in Koda's mind of thinking..he knows if he wants things to go OK in their relationship, he better do what ever she says. Of course, sometimes the tables are turned. And in a lot of cases, many of us women feel we are the ones who still have the worst child that's at home. Honestly, I feel we all have our own pov and it still might not be the accurate story.

      Your question Why can't the boss be a girl? Well, there are lot that are, but this is mainly about the "relationship" not work..although, it takes work to make the relationship work.

  2. Adoro questi colori delicati, molto bello il lavoro che hai fatto, un abbraccio.

  3. Hola Zdenka, son tan lindas !!!!!
    Hace años las flores no me interesaban demasiado, pero cuando comencé a hacerlas en miniatura, empecé a amarlas.
    Me encantan tus imágenes con flores !!!!!
    Que pases un muy felíz fín de semana.